Brothers Kulwinder and Tejinder Thiara had no intention of going into the furniture business when they first came to Canada in the early 1980s. But when their father the late Jamsher Thiara and brother-in-law Balbir Singh Nijjar decided to open a Furniture retail store in 1986 the two didn’t hesitate to get involved.

There were only three of us working the store at the time and we had never been in the retail business before but we weren’t afraid of the challenge.

Kulwinder who along with his brother took over the business when their father passed away in 2003 . It was a small store and we started with simple and basic locally bought furniture. At first the business survived almost solely on our father‘s reputation for honesty and integrity.

People still come and ask about him!

The early days were long and sometimes a little quiet in the store they say but when a new customers came in the Thiara’s focused on building relationships rather than profits. We learned quickly that people didn’t want any pressure; they wanted to deal with someone they felt they could trust and would be around if there was a problem.

So we made a commitment to providing excellent customer service knowing that it would pay off in the long run. It didn’t take long for the strategy to pay off within a short time sales began to increase through word-of-mouth.

By 1990 Roma furniture had expanded and moved to a bigger location in Richmond where there was a 25,000 square-foot showroom to provide customers a selection of everything from mattresses and children’s furniture to classical and contemporary furniture for every room in the house as Demand continued to grow so did Roma Furniture.

A second location opened in Surrey in 1997 and a third in Seattle in 2000. We were doing well here in the lower mainland and an opportunity presented itself to open a location in Seattle says Kulwinder explaining that their youngest brother Ajinder oversees business south of the border. It has worked out very well that the store has become well known in that area and sales have been increasing annually.

The latest expansion for Roma came in 2004 when the company opened a 15,000 square-foot show room in Coquitlam. we open the location in the Pacific region of Coquitlam because of that areas popularity it is doing very well and will grow up that area develops further and attracts more consumers.

Along with expanded outlets, Roma Furniture has also expanded its vision over the years by bringing in higher quality brands.

Roma Furniture offers quality furniture and accessories, great prices, exceptional service all year round .